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Hello ! Every body, my name is Chris I am a web developer and programer living in France more precisely in the wine city called Bordeaux. This website is for evreyone one who are interested about learn programming languages.
Beginners you are very welcome and those who are advanced and want to share their skills and experience with beginners welcome too.
This site is the place to share our knoweledge and to find help for personal projects.

It was a while that I was interrested about computer science, new-tech, programming and artificial intelligence. My background was totaly at the opposite of what I am doing now.
I was graduated in master on finance and statistic science in 2007 and a master in project management in 2013. After my 2nd master I got some skills in software project but as project manager but not as data scientist engineer.
I was lontime interrested in computer science, programming, artificial intelligence. I recently decided to upgrade my skills in programming languages, so I joined an online training Bootcamp. It took exactly 6 months to get set.
Now i want to share my experience and my skills with those who are facing the same situation on how to become a good web developper and programmer in a very short time. This site is for those who are beginners and want to learn programming languages and those who are advanced and whant to share their skill and experience with us. Thanks!

I decided to write in english in this site even if i am french native speaker for only one reason "English languages is the key to understand programming languages" so all web developer and data scientist must me able to read and understand and even write english. My level in english it's approximately be indulgent with me, I am looking for the way to upgrade my level in it.
I encouraged french speakers to particape in english. but for those who want to speak in french there also welcome here. This website it's just as a shwocase window of my freelance profile, must of toolskit and free courses will be publish in my Blog STARTCODINGNOW.This website is still in building, so if you have any advices or observation feel free to leave me a message.
Thanks you !
Web-developer fullstack,
Bordeaux, France.